Affogato al Caffe £7.50
A scoop of vanilla gelato submerged in a shot of espresso (v)

Tiramisu £7.90
Layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese, dusted with cocoa powder (v)

Panna Cotta ai Frutti di Bosco £7.90
A traditional Italian dessert made from sweetened cream with vanilla flavour served with mix berries coulis

Mousse al Cioccolato £8.50
A creamy chocolate mousse served with a raspberry sauce and Oreo biscuits(v)

Macedonia di Frutta Fresca £8.50
A colourful mix of fresh seasonal fruits (vg)

Cheesecake ai Mirtilli £8.50
Cheesecake with a crust base, filled with blueberries (v)

Pera Cotta al Vino Rosso £8.90
Poached Pear cooked in red wine and cinnamon, served with a scoop of smooth vanilla gelato (v)

Cannoli al Pistacchio £8.90
Crispy pastry tubes filled with rich ricotta and pistachio (v)

Tagliere di Formaggi £12.90
Mixed cheese board served with grapes, celery, biscuits and marmalade

Dessert Wines

Vin Santo del Nonno £7.90
A sweet Italian dessert wine, typically made from dried grapes, known for its rich and nutty flavour profile (100ml)

Moscato Monteolivo d’Asti DOC 2023 £7.90
A light and fruity Italian dessert wine with a slightly sparkling quality with sweet taste and floral aroma (100ml)

Passito di Pantelleria 2011 £12.70
Italian dessert wine made from dried grapes, resulting in a concentrated sweetness (50ml)

Bolton’s Liquor £13.20
A unique and flavourful blend of Cognac and Grand Marnier for special taste of herbs, spices, and fruits.